Atelier Simone

Early 20th Century Aube Cotton & Lace Dress in Indigo

$695.00 USD

This antique Aube dress features delicate fine mesh, tightly gathered cotton and lace details with the construction dating back to the early 20th century.  Originally created over a 100 years ago for French priests, this piece unique, has been hand-dyed and given a soft patina indigo by talented Provence textile artisan, Atelier Simone. A true work of art, each of her pieces are hand-dyed multiple times to achieve this patina effect all done in her charming Aix-en-Provence garden atelier. This antique work of art features fine hand gathering around the neckline and hand-stitched lace and embroidery in the mesh-like skirt and dress hem. 

Please note: Each is a piece unique, over 100 years old and will contain imperfections which make this antique piece even more special. There are large openings on each side of the waist area. Special care should be taken when laundering: hand wash only with delicate detergent to protect from fading. This piece will fade slightly over time. The bottom is transparent and may be worn over a slip dress, or leggings, or displayed in your home as a work of art. 

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Piece unique. Piece antique sourced and hand-dyed by Atelier Simone

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