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Luxe Provence® is a luxury lifestyle brand focusing on the artisanal beauty and quality of the South of France’s Provence region. Founder and Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, created Luxe Provence to celebrate the talented artisans, luxury treasures, and magical places that make Provence such an amazing place to live and visit.

Our limited edition luxury parcels are curated each season featuring a surprise selection of handpicked objects, artisanal products and exclusive French and Mediterranean design collaborations. 

What's Inside - Discover the Luxe Provence® Lifestyle

We specialize in curating luxury seasonal collections featuring the Artisans of Provence filled with gorgeous items for home, beauty and lifestyle.  We offer two luxury subscription options.

The first, is our Luxe Provence Blush Subscription, the original Made in Provence option, which features exclusive design available in limited edition curations delivered with each change of season. Each collection is designed to transport you to Provence to celebrate that chic, South of France style and French savoir-faire.

The second option is our new Mediterranean Gold Subscription, designed for long-term clients who wish to travel with us to the artisanal regions of: Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Morocco. This subscription is delivered four times throughout the year at key gift-giving milestones: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, late Autumn and December.

Each of our subscriptions, feature highly curated collections featuring high quality and sustainable materials, handmade artisanal and local luxury beauty products, along with unique Provence, or Mediterranean, regional treasures. Our subscriptions are intended for peo­ple who have a high appre­ci­a­tion for quality, artisanal products and luxury goods. We will ensure that you always receive a thoughtful, diverse collection with an eye towards Slow Luxe and sustainable design.

To learn more about our style, eye for design, and passion for Provence and beyond, visit our Luxe Provence Lifestyle blog to celebrate the good life with us. 


About the Founder & Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto

Born and raised in the US, Founder, Tarik Koivisto, moved to Provence in search of a simpler life for her growing young family after 15 years of living and working in the innovative world of fast-paced, San Francisco Bay Area startups. Seduced by it’s magical amber light, charming hilltop villages, quality lifestyle and incredible landscapes, Tarik felt ready to pursue a slower, yet richer, chapter that would allow for a family-friendly work/life balance that could nourish both her creative entrepreneurial spirit and her two curious bilingual boys.  After being introduced to… and smitten with… Provence by her French husband, Tarik spearheaded a family move in 2011 to live and celebrate the good life in the South of France.


The Luxe Provence Blog - Celebrating the Good Life

In our Luxe-Provence.com lifestyle blog, we bring you behind the scenes about our design collaborations and curations featuring the Artisans of Provence, along with our own travel tips and wine guides, beauty and lifestyle features featuring that effortless chic, South of France style. Be sure to follow us for sneak peeks on upcoming luxury Provence and Mediterranean brands that will appear inside our curations each season.

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