Laëtitia Costechareyre of Atelier Simone

After an early career in the arts and a few years at Agnès B, Laëtitia Costechareyre trained in the techniques of vegetable tinting with the renowned master dyer Michael Garcia.

Being obsessed with Indigo, Laëtitia created the brand Atelier Simone to combine her biggest passions: clothing and antique fabrics with all-natural Indigo tinting.

Laëtitia also works on textile printing by means of traditional techniques, such as Shibori (Japanese art).


ATELIER SIMONE works exclusively with unique pieces that are dyed by hand, and only with natural materials like hemp, linen, cotton and silk. With Love & Passion. All of Laëtitia’s products are made in France and with a respect for historic integrity.

ATELIER SIMONE honors and revives the beautiful traditions, fabrics and fashions of the past ... and with respect for ethics and the environment. A high value is placed on artisanal quality and know-how.