Atelier Simone

Early 20th Century Antique Aube Dress in Indigo

$795.00 USD

This incredible Aube dress has been sourced in France and then delicately hand-dyed by indigo artisan, Atelier Simone, in her charming Aix-en-Provence studio. This historic piece is over 100 years old and has been given a new life in indigo. Atelier Simone's artisanal hand-dying technique lends a patina effect to an already incredible antique piece featuring fine hand gathering, intricate lace details at the hem. This incredibly soft cotton dress with impeccable details is an heirloom piece unique. Wear over a slip dress,  layered with a belt, or display as a work of art in your home.

Aube Dresses were traditionally worn by French catholic and Orthodox priests in the early 1900's in France. It is an extremely rare find to source them in such excellent condition with over 100 years of history in their soft amazing fibers.

Made of antique cotton and handwoven dentelle, or French lace, the fabric in these pieces are incredibly soft. The tight gather detailing found around the neckline is nearly impossible to find today because it takes so much handwork. 

Due to the antique nature of these pieces, there will be small imperfections that have been delicately mended by hand, adding even more character and history to each incredible piece. 

Piece unique; oversized. Piece antique sourced in France and hand-dyed by Atelier Simone. Sustainable fashion.


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Dimensions: Measures 57 inches from shoulder, to skirt, oversize piece with wide bodice. May be belted. One size.

Model Louise Pascale is 5'8" and a size 2/4 XS.

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