Single Luxe Provence Gift Box V9: Autumn Impressions from Provence (New! Free Shipping to the USA)

$265.00 USD

This season's Luxe Provence curation is inspired by the region's impressionists and their love for the region's beautiful light translated into unique luxury handmade items for your home.

Our V9: Autumn Impressions curation features artisanal home décor, textiles and luxury patterned objects. Our featured Luxe Provence brands and artisans this season include a past favorite item from our friends at Rose et Marius, and talented textile artist, Aurore Pelisson.

Indulge in silk earthy silks to add luxury to your interior by the talented Aurore Pelisson (learn more here), beautifully paired with an iconic Prestige Platinum Tumbler and Candle Set from Rose et Marius (a $150 USD value alone), along with more surprise items.

Our Autumn Impressions curation is inspired by the light of Provence and the impressionists interpretation of the beauty of Provence through color and pattern. Our featured Rose et Marius Tumbler selection is inspired by the glittering turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea, the sky in Provence after the Mistral wind... The color palettes of Provence that were and continue to be a source of inspiration for so many poets, singers and impressionists. 

This curation is proudly Made in Provence and delivered to your doorstep with shipping to begin September 21, 2017 with our Annual Subscribers. Don't miss a single season of Luxe Provence, become a Luxe Provence Blush Subscriber today.



More about the Featured Provence Artisan - Aurore Pelisson's World

“I explore the relations between man and nature, through sight and touch.

How to transcribe the deep sensations of the living: to dive into the organic matter.

I want to give to feel the osmosis of the human stakeholder of the environment, the correlations between human flesh, vegetable, mineral …

Through textile experiments, by choices of natural matter, I walk with the vegetable colors in the fiber.

Often my journeys begin with drawings of observations of natures pieces that can be innocuous or grandiose. My eyes are then fixed on the real and my hand becomes a channel of sensation making the lines of my own vision. It is by very slow gestures and meticulous observation of the elements that the basis of my work appears.

This look comes to blend into matter itself.

Subsequently the textile material comes into play and becomes both my medium and my medium.

Silk-screen printing being my printer, everything becomes possible between my frame and the fabric.”



NEW: Pricing includes free shipping to the USA.


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