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Shopping for clothing, accessories or even home decor can be far from easy or timely. In an effort to make this pastime easier for consumers, companies like Luxe Provence have created a way to bring the product to the customer rather than the other way round


By: Ashley Wolfe via Luxury Facts

Published on: August 15, 2016

Imagine traveling to another country without even leaving your couch. The smell of foreign soil and the taste of authentic French wine enjoyed right at your kitchen table in, say, Hawaii! This can be found in the world of subscription services like that of Luxe Provence, a company who delivers seasonal boxes of authentic items from Provence, France to customers all over the globe.

Luxe Provence delivered its first box to customers in the Fall of 2015. Since then, they have been committed to bringing the essence of France to those without the time to travel there in person. For an annual fee of $1,020, subscribers receive four boxes each year, coinciding with each season, which include home, beauty, and lifestyle products. “The Luxe Provence Box was designed to be a luxury indulgence and escape experience to France each season, particularly with stressed women in mind,” said Founder and Chief Creative Director Tarik Koivisto.

“Women are so busy taking care of their families, working, shopping for necessities and giving gifts to others that they often do not treat themselves.” Although subscribers receive only four boxes per year with their subscription, customers can expect nothing less than the unique and exquisite. Each box is stamped with a gold foil logo and tied beautifully with a ribbon. Upon opening the box, subscribers are met with assorted items, which can range from accessories, clothing, or even decadent chocolates, as well as a seasonal aroma, which is designed specifically to greet the customer when they open their box. 

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