Luxe Provence is a slow luxury lifestyle brand celebrating that chic, South of France style. We design limited edition series and curations delivering the artisanal beauty and luxuries of the Provence to your door.


Our Lifestyle Collection:

Our Luxe Provence Lifestyle line is designed and created in limited edition.

Our slowluxe collections are designed by Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, reflecting the effortlessly chic, South of France style. Each season, Tarik strives to collaborate with the regions finest artisans on limited edition series Made in Provence.  We strive to create effortlessly chic sustainably designed pieces with noble natural materials to wear for years to come. We proudly produce each of our pieces in partnership with the finest couturières and ateliers in Provence. 


Our Curations:

We curate a surprise collection of luxury and artisanal gift items in limited edition subscriptions, or for special events, sourced from the Mediterranean's finest artisanal regions, beginning with Provence.

We provide two subscription options detailed below:

(Last updated October 8, 2018.)


1. Our Luxe Provence Blush (Seasonal Deliveries) 

 Our Luxe Provence Annual Blush Subscription (our original option) includes four (4) highly curated collections delivered to your doorstep with each change of season in Provence. This annual subscription is priced at $1,040 and is an opportunity to experience a full-year of limited edition artisanal Luxe Provence curations with *no additional shipping charges (*for USA, EU and France members only. Additional shipping, VAT and/or duty charges may apply for additional countries that we ship to.

Annual Subscribers benefits include:


2: Our Mediterranean Gold subscription is an opportunity to travel beyond the borders of Provence to experience the luxuries of Mediterranean living, featuring new travel experience curations for seasons to come. We will travel throughout the South of France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Morocco to source the Mediterranean's finest in: luxury resort wear, jewelry and accessories, limited edition artisanal pieces and high-end design. Pricing is $700 for a two parcel gift subscription, or $1,350 for a four parcel subscription.

Mediterreanean Gold Benefits include:


3. Single Season Gift Boxes

Our single, seasonal Luxe Provence Blush parcels can be purchased individually for $325 (please note pricing may fluctuate due to euro/dollar conversions throughout the year) plus shipping. Each season, a limited number of curations will go on pre-sale a minimum of one month prior to shipping. These parcels are limited-edition curations featuring exclusive product collaborations, artisan objects, beauty and epicurean delights that are produced in collaboration with artists or luxury brands from, and in France. See our latest seasonal collection. Exact international parcel shipping and currency calculations will be calculated at the time of check-out based upon the international shipping address provided.

4. How does the Subscriptions work & when do they arrive to my doorstep? 

Upon purchase of one of our subscription memberships, we will send you either a personal style questionnaire by email to your supplied address to help our team of curators, designers and stylists tailor your VIP gift deliveries, artisanal pieces and product selections. Please note, sometimes it may take several weeks to receive your first Subscription Box based upon the timing of your purchase.

Our ship dates for the Luxe Provence Blush Subscription in 2018 are:

March 21 - 27, June 15-21, October 1 - 10 and December 10-16. Gift orders will be accompanied by a handwritten card and confirmation sent by email about timing of the first delivery to the email address supplied upon purchase.

Our shipping dates for the Mediterranean Gold Subscription in 2018 are:

Our final delivery dates may change slightly and will always be published well in advance of delivery for each season upon the end of the pre-sales period so that we may accommodate as many as clients as possible.  

5. How do Duties, VAT and Customs Fees Work?

We make efforts to keep our parcel pricing inclusive, however, some countries may apply a duty tax. We try our best to develop our packages with the duty fees in mind to avoid extra charges, however, each country's tax is not applied consistently and cannot always be assessed in advance. Please note: generally gift parcels under $800 USD are not assessed duty charges when shipped to the USA. However, for clients outside of these areas, duty fees may apply and are not included, nor covered.

Your order will be shipped from France to your international destination and may be inspected by Customs and Border Protection and assessed for applicable customs duties, taxes and charges, if any. It is the importer's responsibility, or buyer of goods, to account for any country duties and/or taxes incurred, to ensure compliance with customs regulations.  Please let us know if any of your items are assessed with any fees, as the tax is not applied consistently across items, destination countries and cannot be assessed in advance. 

The VAT, or Value Added Tax, is charged on top of the published price to all EU member countries. For those who are registered businesses with a VAT number, you may reclaim this tax. The VAT is calculated at the time of checkout based upon the shipping European country VAT rate of 20% in France.

6. What are your Shipping Rates?  

Our shipping rates are calculated based upon DHL Priority delivery costs from our offices in Provence, France. We offer our annual Luxe Provence Blush parcel and Mediterranean Gold subscribers reduced international shipping rates. Parcels generally arrive in 1 business day in France/EU and 3-4 business days upon departure from France to the USA with DHL Priority International. Occasionally packages are retained for customs processing or random inspections, for an additional 1-2 days.

Single season gift boxes, and parcel shipping rates will be calculated individually based upon your address and country information provided. We ship via DHL Priority to select international destinations in the European Union, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. All individual parcel shipping pricing will be calculated at the time of check-out for each destination. Learn more about our Worldwide Shipping

Boutique items ordered will be charged shipping rates calculated by order weight, package size and destination. 

7. What kinds of things can I expect to receive in my Luxe Provence curations or Luxe Provence subscription? 

Our subscriptions are intended for peo­ple who have a high appre­ci­a­tion for quality, artisanal products and luxury goods. This is a highly curated service featuring difficult to find items, limited edition artisanal items and French and Mediterranean luxury products. We travel throughout the France and the Mediterranean to curate a truly special selection of lifestyle items, beauty, and home.

Our curations will always contain full-sized products or objects often featuring exclusively designer collaborations created for our clients. Our curation team includes designers, fragrance consultants, and stylists who are experts living in the Mediterranean region. We will ensure that you always receive a thoughtful, diverse collection that represents the beauty and luxuries experienced with each change of season in Provence (Luxe Provence Blush) or the themes presented as we travel around the Mediterranean's regions (Mediterranean Gold).

8. Return / Exchange Policy 


All Luxe Provence Subscriptions, gift parcels, special order or ‘sur mesure’ clothing articles and artisanal items purchased on our website are final sale and nonrefundable. 

We do not currently accept returns of subscription parcels and "sur mesure" clothing articles due to their personalized nature, and any box returned by a customer will not be eligible for a refund. Many of our parcels may also contain perishable or personalized items and are shipped internationally from France to your door. Our parcels are shipped via DHL International Priority and will require signature to confirm delivery, along with tracking.

If your Luxe Provence parcel does not arrive or a product is damaged, we must be notified in writing within 7 days of receiving your parcel due to the nature of our limited edition items (emails sent to orders@luxe-provence.com will suffice). If we are not notified within that time period, we can no longer be held accountable for the missing items and will not be able to offer a replacement or refund. We will do our best to resolve any issues of broken merchandise upon supplying a photograph along with your written notification within the 2 week period following delivery



To request a return or exchange for boutique items from our Luxe Provence Lifestyle line please send your request within 7 business days due to the limited edition nature of our collections in writing to our Customer Support team at orders@luxe-provence.com. Returns/Exchanges are free within France, and we offer refunds less a 25 euro White Glove Return / Handling Fee when processed with our partner DHL Priority within the EU only.

International returns may be requested within 7 business days of receiving an item. You will be required to arrange and pay for the return of the items to our offices in France. Since Luxe Provence is a small boutique company, unfortunately we cannot process international exchanges due to the high cost of return import and shipping charges. However, may request your return at: orders@luxe-provence.com and if approved, we will provide return instructions and mailing address. You may then proceed to re-order a new size on our website.

Please send any questions to: orders@luxe-provence.com. 

9. Can you Cancel an Annual subscription?

Cancellation Policy

Our subscriptions are non-refundable and may not be cancelled.

Our subscriptions are a special offer that is delivered over the course of either 2 (two) deliveries or 1 full year with 4 (four) seasonal parcels shipments. Subscriptions are non-refundable as they may contain special unique items, personalization and are offered at a discounted price over our single gift boxes.  

10. Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

At Luxe Provence we respect your privacy and have set forth our terms and conditions for usage of the Luxe Provence www.luxe-provence-box.com and www.luxe-provence.com family of websites. We do not knowingly share customer data with other parties, nor store credit card details on our site. Your usage of this site is the acceptance of the terms and conditions and will be confirmed for acceptance prior to any purchases. If you do not accept the terms, cancellation or return policies listed, please do not use the web site or opt to purchase our parcels. We encourage you to also review our Privacy Policy, which can be found here.