About The Brand

Luxe Provence® is a slow fashion and lifestyle brand celebrating effortless chic, Provence style.

Our limited edition, slow fashion collections are ethically Made in France with the finest artists, ateliers and couturières in the region. We combine high-quality natural and sustainable fibers with expert, French savoir faire to create timeless classic collections designed to be worn for years to come.

Luxe Provence has been featured in prestigious magazines such as: Vogue, Marie Claire and WhoWhatWear as "an independent, cool French brand on the rise" and most recently in My French Country Home.


An Ethical, Woman-Founded Brand

Luxe Provence is a woman-run, independent brand based in Provence created by Founder/Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto. Tarik thoughtfully designs her slow fashion collections in her charming hilltop village inspired by Provence's natural beauty, Mediterranean lifestyle and rich artisanal history in respect for the environment and its people. 


Sustainable, Ethical Production & Materials

We hand-select only the finest, quality OEKO-TEX® certified EU linen, along with: French cotton, silks, and luxury deadstock from only the finest producers. To us, slow fashion means quality, over quantity, with sustainable design always top of mind. 

We use a pre-order system to help us plan for demands and sizing to avoid over-producing. All of our collections are made in the finest French ateliers, in both Provence and Paris, proudly working locally with highly skilled couturières and seamstresses in France.


Plant-Based, Natural Dyes and Eco-Friendly Prints

We are passionate about working sustainability, and routinely collaborate with two natural dye and textile artisans from Provence on unique pieces. In our Luxe Provence Vintage collection, we feature antique 19th and early 20th century linens, cotton and chanvre dresses that we have upcycled in indigo. Each season we work in collaboration with Aixoise, Atelier Simone, who gives these special antique pieces new life with her mastery of indigo dying and patina.

We also work with sustainable, textile designer Aurore Pelisson, for custom plant-based dying of one-of-a-kind limited editions. Aurore uses only natural dyes to create unique textiles for our silk and linen fabrics. 

We also work with an ethically-run woodblock print atelier in Jaipur, India to create our own custom Provence "les indiennes" prints using eco-friendly dyes in our home textiles. We honor this beautiful handcrafted tradition which dates back to the 17th century when these exotic prints first entered the port of Marseille from India, and became a lasting symbol of Provence.